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Our Health & Safety Policy


    This policy sets out the principles and arrangements on which South City Electrical Ltd. bases its Health and Safety commitment.

    This Policy applies to all direct employees and operatives within South City Electrical Ltd. All direct employees and operatives who breach the policy may be liable to disciplinary action up to dismissal.


    South City Electrical Ltd. aims to provide an environment and conditions which is safe as far as is reasonably practicable without risk to the health and safety of staff, operatives, contractors and subcontractors, visitors or members of the public.

    To achieve the objectives South City Electrical Ltd. will:
    1. Comply fully with relevant legislation, codes of Practice and Regulations, and as far as is reasonably practicable, adopt the best Health and Safety practices.
    2. Ensure that duties of both Management and operatives are clearly defined and understood.
    3. Promote a positive safety culture throughout the workforce by providing such information, training and supervision as is necessary.
    4. Formulate and publicise departmental and local manuals as required.
    5. Promote effective consultation between management and operatives.
    6. Monitor compliance of staff with respect to Safety Policies and procedures.
    7. This Policy shall be reviewed annually or whenever there is significant change in the circumstances to which it applies.


    The Company Directors are responsible for overall Health and Safety.

    The implementation, management and monitoring of agreed safety standards is devolved to the Directors of South City Electrical Ltd. for all work undertaken on construction sites, private dwellings or any project undertaken.

    All staff and operatives have responsibility to:
    1. Take reasonable care of the Health and Safety of themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.
    2. Cooperate with site managers / supervisors so far as is necessary to achieve a healthy, safe workplace.
    3. Not intentionally or recklessly interfere or misuse anything provided in the interest of Health and Safety.
    4. Immediately report any hazards, unsafe practices, accidents or incidents directly to the Site Manager / Supervisor or Directors of South City Electrical Ltd.
    5. Should it become necessary, Senior Safety Specialists will be contacted for advice on Health and Safety matters.


    Subcontractors and self employed persons are required whilst working on Site, to carry out their undertaking in a safe way that will not harm or affect the Health and Safety requirement relevant to their work activities.

    Any member of staff or operative who identifies an unsafe practice being carried out should make a report to their immediate supervisor without delay. The Directors of South City Electrical Ltd. must also be informed.


    All director and indirect labour shall monitor the day-to-day aspects of Health and Safety as part of their normal work.

    The Directors of South City Electrical Ltd. will ensure that Safety Inspections are carried out before commencement of work on site.


    Any specific training required to ensure safe working to be identified and arranged within the Company. This to include any periodic / refresher training by suitably qualified personnel.

    In the event assistance or advice is required, this will be sought from a qualified Health and Safety consultant.



    All staff must be aware of and comply with the Company Fire Safety Policy.

    Accidents / Incidents

    Accidents must be dealt with promptly. Immediate and appropriate action must be taken by all persons to minimize any hazards / risks present. If specialist knowledge is required it should be obtained through the appropriate Health and Safety personnel.

    Accidents / incidents must be promptly reported and the appropriate documentation completed and distributed as required.

    An investigation must be carried out to determine the cause of the accident / incident.

    Where injury occurs, appropriate treatment must be given / obtained immediately and in the case of serious injury, the Health and Safety Services must be informed.

    An investigation must be launched to determine the cause of the accident / incident. The depth of the investigation is determined by the seriousness or potential seriousness of the injury or incident.

    Following the investigation, remedial action must be implemented to avoid a recurrence.

    The Directors of South City Electrical Ltd. are responsible for monitoring accidents / incidents.

    First Aid

    In the event that a trained First Aider is not available on Site, personnel should attend the Accident & Emergency Department of the nearest hospital.

    First Aid boxes are carried in works vans and are available in the Company office.

    Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH)

    All staff / operatives must comply with the Departmental Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Policy and procedures appertaining to the Policy.


    All operatives will be provided with adequate training in relation to their job requirements.

    All operatives will be responsible for supplying their own safety equipments whilst working on site. Hard hats, safety boots should be worn at all times. Should any specific safety equipment be required, this is to be notified before commencement on site.

    In the event that machinery is required to be used on site, all operative must comply with local safety policies and procedures relation to the operation of this machinery.


This Policy to be reviewed annually or whenever there is significant change in the circumstances to which it applies.

Last review date 09/01/07




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